Mobile Office solution

This is a web application for administering the mobile users, web user and their activities.

profile management

Profile Management

Manage users' authorization

This module is for creating, modifying the profile(s) (more precisely roles) assigned to different users of the web application. A profile can have access to one or more modules in the application (Module List in the shown screen shot).

manage user details

User Management

Manage users' details

This module is accessed by admin user as it manipulates the sensitive user details of all web users. The user details can be created, modified and the status of users can be set to active or inactive by this module restricting the scope of a web user.

mobile user registration

Managing registered mobile users

Manage Mobile users

The mobile users get registered with this app by providing the required details. Web user can consult the mobile user details by using different search filters and then can view details of an individual mobile user. The status of the mobile users can be updated to active (green tick sign) or inactive (Red Cross mark).

manage incidence and service failures

Incidence and services failures

Manage Incidence and service failures reported by Mobile users

The registered mobile users send the details of any incidence or any failure occurred with him/her along with the live picture of that incidence/failure by their registered device. Web user can consult those sent information using filters and see the details of any individual item as well as the location on map from where the incidence/failure was reported. User can also view the consulted locations collectively on map by clicking on Map View button. User can export the consulted data into excel by clicking on Export.

mobile user grievance

Request Complain Claims

Handle Mobile users' grievance

Registered mobile users make request for some service, complain about something (service usually) and can claim about something (may be an incidence). Web user consult those information reported by the mobile users, view individual details and export into excel sheet.

message broadcasting

Message broadcasting

Communicate with mobile users by single click

Web user can broadcast custom messages to multiple mobile users at a time and can browse broadcast history.

user attention and payment center

User attention centre and payment centre

Manage users' attention and payment centre

Web user can upload excel sheet which contain the user attention centres/payment centres to save multiple records at a time or can create one by one and can modify them. This centres are then accessible by registered mobile users.