The Objective of this application was to collect data from over 300 locations and publish the same in real time. This was required for publishing accurate election results to the media as they were being counted. The Election Commission of India conducts the tedious task of election with 100% accuracy from the initial stage. One of the challenges for them has been to provide the election results to the public in real time. To overcome this situation, the Chief Electoral Officer of West Bengal required an effective, secure and fast solution. We came up with the Count Monitoring System which required less effort and was capable of publishing the election results from the grass root level to the the concerned authority in a flawless and elegant way.

The application has two parts-

Web application: The web application was used for publishing election results to people at large and conducting various kinds of analysis of the election results. These analytical modules also included spatial analysis. For the Web Module, we used server side and client side technologies like ASP.NET , WCF Restful Service, SQL Server, Jquery.

Mobile application: The mobile application was used at over 300 location to transfer data from counting stations to the server. The mobile devices used were based on Android Operating System. A native application using Java was developed. The application was designed in an extremely user-friendly way to ensure that it can be operated by users of varying skill levels.

Simple Registration and Authentication

simple registration and authentication Simple Registration and Authentication
  • All the Android-based devices were required to be authenticated before they were allowed to input the data. A simple 2-step verification process was designed for the same. The users had to choose their location namely, which Constituencies they were assigned, along with the details of the devices to be registered for those regions.
  • We designed a very simple process for users to upload the counting result using this app. The mobile devices that had already been authenticated were used to enter the results at various stages of counting. The entry screen had the capability to filter erroneous data. An option to verify and edit entries was also designed.

The entire system had an immediate fall back option. On the occurrence of any unexpected incident like system failure, the entire system would switch to the backup system. This switch-over will happen immediately without hampering any process. The results will be published seamlessly.

Analytical Dashboard

Result summary with special view: The users and the viewers of the system would have the option of carrying out analysis of the data being accumulated across all the regions. This is the most attractive part of the web application. The result can be analyzed in various ways. The analysis can be spatial based on the party in lead or winning at a certain a region or in a graphical format depicting the election trends. The users had the option to view the graphs and maps at different administrative levels.

analytics dashboard Simple Registration and Authentication

Graphical Leaderboard

Vote Statistics of Leading Candidates During Counting: The system helps to get instant result like first and second leading candidates and the difference in their votes after every round of counting. This module shows the first and second leading candidates of all constituencies by their names and images. The candidates’ names are highlighted by the color denoting their respective parties and it also shows the progress in counting in percentage along with region-wise difference in their votes. These statistics get automatically updated as the counting progresses.

statistics of graphical leader-board Graphical Leaderboard

Comprehensive Result View

Area & booth-wise result: This system provides comprehensive reports for each region in different formats and grids. It also provides customized reports on the basis of regions or candidates.

comprehensive view of election results Comprehensive Result View