Land Use Mapping of Multiple Areas for Preparing Draft Development Plan

About the project

The Government of West Bengal had introduced the Draft Development Plan (DDP) which addresses the functions of the municipalities. A DDP is a business plan for the infrastructural, economical as well as social development of various municipal areas. It also forms the framework for allocating project funds and government support. We had handled certain steps in the process of preparing DDPs for various municipalities of West Bengal. Some of these municipalities include Beldanga, Islampur, Jhalda, Kandi, etc.

Scope of the Work

Objectives of the Project

The preparation of a Draft Development Plan covers a variety of steps that include the collection of relevant and accurate information pertaining to the land features. The accuracy of these details determines the effectiveness of the DDP. The purpose of this project was to create a flawless framework for the development of a DDP through surveys, mapping etc.

Preparation of Draft Development Plan

Solutions Offered by CyberSWIFT

  • Base line survey of the land features including road, waterbodies, electric utility, slum details, railway network etc. of all wards within the municipality area using DGPS instruments
  • Creation of base maps based on the survey information that indicate demarcation of separate wards, municipal boundaries etc.
  • Preparation and update of land use maps by layering the GIS base maps created with the information regarding roads, utilities and other land features
  • Georeferencing the base maps created through the integration of the Ground Control Points (GCPs) collected during the survey
  • Door-to-door survey to collect the details of properties, household footprints etc. to create a complete and actionable database for the DDP

Final Deliverable

We provided hard copy maps of the municipalities depicting the ward boundaries, utility features and household information.