Development of Infrastructure Geoportal for Disaster Management of Assam

About the project

Disasters are unpredictable. Hence, it is vital to come up with a timely and effective plan when disaster strikes. To accomplish this, having the necessary data at your fingertips is crucial. The purpose of this project was to develop a web and mobile-based application that would consolidate massive amounts of disaster-related data. This data includes location of infrastructure like fire service stations, railway stations, water supply sources etc. along with alerts about hazard incidents.

Objectives of the Project

The primary objective of this project was to develop an application that would map all the necessary information regarding the disaster-related infrastructure in Assam state. This would make it simple to locate the required services at the hour of need, estimate their proximity from the disaster-hit zone and respond quickly and effectively. In other words, it acts as a decision-making tool.

disaster-monitoring system - geo portal

Functions of the Geoportal

  • The geoportal has two sections: one is available for the general public and the other has been developed solely for the admin.
  • The geoportal allows users to view the location of infrastructure like police stations, hospitals, community halls, raised platforms, railway stations, fire service stations etc. in Assam. This information can be viewed district/revenue circle/village-wise. Both, spatial and attribute information can be viewed.
  • Users can search for road map from one destination to another by selecting start and end points. The shortest distance between these points will also be calculated.
  • Administrator can view the reports related to incidents like earthquake, flood, fire and landslide along with the images.
  • Admin can view the reports submitted by the Static Surveillance Team from different Assembly Constituencies (AC) and filter AC-wise data.
  • This platform can be used to search for field survey data in a certain date range. This data becomes available on the web version as soon as the surveyors update it through their mobile app.
  • Users can make geospatial queries from this platform (both, polygon and point layer type)
  • Maps can be printed in JPEG and PDF formats. Data can be downloaded in CSV and KML formats.
  • Portal administrators can create user roles and provide selective permission for them to access different modules of the platform.

Final Deliverable

We delivered a geoportal for mapping district/revenue circle/village-wise infrastructure in Assam.