Maintenance of GIS Database for Power Utilities - Facility Management Services


One of the primary requirements of power utility companies is the synchronized update of the GIS database with every spatial and attribute changes of electrical assets deployed in the field. An example is the requirement of updating of data as per changes in the field and subsequent maintenance for the R-APDRP (Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme) project that was launched in various states across India.

Objectives of the Project

The objective of this project was to facilitate proper power distribution network planning and analysis, reduce time to attend power outage complaints of customers, curb the AT&C (Aggregate Technical & Commercial) loss etc. The complete and successful implementation of this project required an accurate update of its GIS database to reflect the modifications in the field for improved monitoring.

CyberSWIFT is a GIS-based company that provides geospatial services for Electric Utilities for the purpose of updating data in accordance with the changes that have been implemented in the field, among other services. We were awarded the work for 22 towns in West Bengal.

Facility management services

Project Details

The entire process was completed in the following steps:

1. Our field executives visited the station manager of the power distribution units every 15 days to collect the network update reports from individual supply offices.

2. Within the 15 days of collection of a report, surveyors conducted the following tasks:

A. Extensive DGPS field surveys to update the existing network report.

B. Map update and the submission of updated geo-database (FGDB) to the client.

C. Demonstration of the updated map to the district magistrate and the station manager to receive completion certificate of the work.

D. DTR (Distribution Transformer) painting for new or updated DTR or DTRs with missing asset paint.

E. Submission of the work report to the district magistrate.

3. After the completion of the first 15-day survey data updating cycle, our executives repeated the above steps to update the database for the next network report for the subsequent 15 days and so on until the completion of the entire project.

Key Protocols Followed

  • 38 personnel were responsible for the entire work of updating the GIS database as per changes in the field.
  • Our team of surveyors was constantly monitored with the help of tracking device to ensure that the process was being executed according to the project plan.
  • We also maintained regular coordination with our client about the progress of the project.

Final Deliverable

We delivered an updated GIS database synchronized with the changes in the spatial and attribute data of the electrical assets implemented in the field.