Musaic is a social networking website which was built for the music lovers. The interactive music player allows you to listen to your favorite songs. Share your thoughts, explore your creativity to the world. If you have a show you'd like to promote, your fans will be able to see your scheduled performances.

Musaic-Application For Music Lovers

Rate you favorite artists, songs with starts and helps them to reach Top 20 Artist/Song chart. Share your favorite song, artist, events and spread the information.

Account Registration

Account Registration

How to get in touch with musaic

Two types of registration

  • Artist - who uploads song/album
  • Fan - fan of an artist to listen/share/download/buy artist's song/album

The website also allows registering in to the portal using facebook. Anyone with a Facebook account can easily register to the website. This reduces the effort of registering separately with the website making it more user-friendly.

Musaicast & Billboard

Musaicast & Billboard

Publishing own/fan/follower activities on wall

Musaic users are able to get informed about their own activity on the Billboard, and also they can check the updates of their fans/followers on Musaicast such as

  • Latest shared info
  • Top 20 Artist/Song/Album chart
  • Top rated Artist/Song/Album chart
  • Share Artist/Song/Album/Event to Musaicast
Messaging System

Messaging System

Internal messaging system between artists/fans/followers

An extra facility for artists to communicate with their fans, so as fans with their followers

  • Compose message and send it to fan/follower
  • Check received messages in Inbox
  • Reply against received messages
  • Save messages in Draft


Create event & share

Publish events on Social

  • Artists can create event from their profile
  • Artists/Fans can share events
  • Fans can Add events from published event list
Advance Search

Advance Search

Search according to song, artist/fan, album, event

Musaic artists/fans, songs, albums, events are easily available through advanced search option

  • Search can be made by particular keyword
  • The keyword may belongs to song, album, artist/fan name, location etc.


Get to know about the Artist/Fan

Information area about an artist

  • Artist name
  • Type of music the artist prefer
  • Location from the artist belongs
  • The inspiration of the artist
  • Recently added song/album list


Listing out information about your(Artist/Fan) own activities such as

  • Recently added/shared song
  • Recently added/shared album
  • Recently added/shared event
  • Top 20 artist chart made by the artist/fan
  • Recently accepted fan request etc.
Music Player

Music Player

Add song to the playlist

  • Click on the song from musaiccentral, artist's profile or any other song's listing section it will be added to the playlist
  • Remove song from the playlist
  • Shuffle songs within playlist


Making artists popular with fans

  • Fan type user can send fan request to artist by visiting and clicking on the 'Be My Fan' button on their profile
  • Fan type user can send follow request to fan by visiting and clicking on the 'Follow Me' button on their profile
  • Artists can accept or deny fan/follower request, so as fans also.
  • Artists can delete or send messages to fan/follower request, so as fans also.
Favorite Artists

Favorite Artists

Artists can not be a fan of any other artist, so make them your favorite one

  • When an artist type user visit any other artist's profile they cant find any 'Fan' or 'Follow' button
  • By clicking on the 'Favorite' button an artist can make any other artists as their favorite
  • Check all your favorite artist under one menu
  • Delete or block them from one section if you need so
Favorite Songs

Favorite Songs

Put a song to your favorite list

  • By clicking on the 'Favorite' button on song listing you can make it your favorite one
  • Check all your favorite song under one menu
  • Delete or play them from one section if you need so