Updating, Reconciling and Certifying Railway Land Boundary


Indian Railways owns large acres of land. Owing to the changing land boundaries, certain zones of this land have become encroached. Hence, it has become important to view the encroached areas for taking appropriate measures. This project is being conducted for South-Western and Central divisions of the Indian Railways to identify the encroached areas, synchronize and certify the changes in the land with the existing land records and develop an efficient land management system for easy updating and maintenance of land-related data.

Objectives of the Project

The existing land plans are quite old. Land has been acquired and relinquished since then. But the land plans have not been updated accordingly. Land plans for several areas are in damaged conditions and in some cases, the plans are missing. Also, land boundaries have not been updated. As a result, there has been illegal encroachment in multiple areas. Hence, the purpose of this project is to:

  • Reconcile the boundaries with the records available with the State Revenue Department and to prepare an updated land map duly authenticated by the State Revenue authority
  • View the encroachment pockets within the railway boundaries
  • Identify the railway's land ownership records and update them according to the existing situation

CyberSWIFT took up the project and completed it successfully.

Field Survey Railway Boundary

Solutions Offered by CyberSWIFT

  • Collection of survey records, maps, ownership rights of railways and available railway land plans of the concerned zones
  • Computerization of tippans and FMBs (Field Measurement Books) to generate a railway land boundary map as per the revenue records of the state
  • Computerization of the available railway land plans and checking both sets of boundary maps for confirming the railway boundary
  • Cadastral survey to verify the contents of field, land, village/city map sheets and railway land maps
  • Development of railway land boundary map which records the mandatory field details. These include one UP and one DN (Down) main through line, a few important landmarks or structures and adjacent properties along the railway boundary.
  • Obtaining authentication of railway land boundary map
  • Preparation of final hardcopy of railway land boundary map on a scale of 1:1000 integrating the details that have been recorded during the field survey
  • Development of a customized Land Information System to suit the land management requirements of the Railway Department. These requirements include providing easy storage, access and retrieval of land information and operability of the system in different locations.

Final Deliverable

The following documents will be delivered to the client after completion of the project:

  • All authentic documents denoting the railway boundaries
  • Survey maps on a scale of 1:1000 showing the details as mentioned