Development and Maintenance of Rugged Smartphone Manufacturer Website


Our client for this project is a US-based manufacturer of the world’s most rugged smartphones. These are specifically designed for those working in hazardous environments. One of the devices manufactured by this company has been entered in the Guinness World Records for being the toughest smartphone. We contributed to the development and maintenance of its website through the integration of Salesforce support chat, Lazy Load in certain pages and development and integration of the Public Safety web page along with video optimization. Here’s a look at the details.
joomla development project - USA

Work Procedure

  • We integrated Salesforce Support Chat functionality in the website that allows users to directly connect with the support personnel of Sonim by accessing the Salesforce panel via an API. We created and integrated a customized pre-chat form to collect user details. This data is automatically updated in the Salesforce Panel. A similar Salesforce chat functionality has been integrated in the mobile app version
  • The Lazy Load feature was implemented in the pages that list the products (devices and accessories). This enables further data in these pages to load on-demand. This improves the performance of the website.
  • We also developed the 'Public Safety' page which contains information about an ultra-rugged, mission-critical LTE handset which has been launched for public safety. This page contains embedded videos and 'Live Demo Request' of this smartphone and 'Contact Us' forms.
  • Additionally, we are responsible for complete maintenance of the website and resolving its security issues.

Final Deliverable

The development procedure has been conducted in Joomla platform and the database used is MySQL.