The client, State Urban Development Agency (SUDA) and Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor (KUSP), wanted to create a long term plan for the development of West Bengal. Both these organizations are governmental bodies. They wanted mapping of multiple number of municipalities to analyze existing infrastructures as well as socioeconomic structure. They also wanted us to prepare urban development plans for these municipalities to bring required development.

About the project

The client assigned us few municipalities existing within the state. Along with this, base map was also provided by them. We worked on these maps to provide a much improvised version to utilize it for a development plan. We also prepared statistical reports and analysis report to suggest appropriate development programs in the required regions.

The entire project was divided into two sections

  • Socio-economic standard of the people living within the region
  • Educational status of the region
  • Water supply pipelines
  • Number of houses and their types

We added the following key features to make this project successful for the municipality :

Key Features Of The Projects

Baseline survey

Baseline survey is carried out by us to prepare the base map of the assigned municipalities. In order to check the natural infrastructure, and social economic structure, a field survey was carried out. Our surveyors visited multiple municipalities to check the existence of these features. Based on this survey, base map was created. This map highlights the administrative boundaries of the state.

Thematic mapping

The municipality provided us few pre-defined themes. We visually presented these themes on the base maps.

Socio economic survey

Land use mapping were developed to facilitate the town planning process. Our surveyors conducted door to door survey to know holding details of each property belonging to the assigned municipalities. These holding details contain information like the name of the actual property owner, checking whether the property is being used for a commercial or residential purpose, and so on.

Interlinking of property database with GIS application

The property database provided by the Municipal Corporation was interlinked with the developed spatial data developed by us. We used GIS application to help the municipality to maintain track record of the revenue and increase it as per the requirement.

These maps were created to highlight the issues that are preventing urban development in the concerned regions. Along with this, we also suggested urban development plans to the client for the concerned regions to bring necessary development.