To Connect Art to the World - Pedestal, an Online Art Agency

Pedestal helps connect Art Collectors, Artists, and Galleries.

To Connect Art to the World with technology is the basic premise. However, not just regular "Art" is to be connected. The World is filled with Artists and Galleries that are underrepresented and are not reaching enough of their audience. Our mission, if we all choose to accept it, is to help these Artists reach this audience, i.e. the Global Market.

To do this effectively and also "connect" with today's world, we have chosen the web market as our medium. The Artists will create the Art and we will help it connect.

Most Artists work extremely hard to get to where they are at, only to face mountains of rejection before they can connect with enough people to earn a living. Our specific mission is to help Artists earn a living so they can keep creating. In doing this, more Art will be created, and thus connected, and our broader mission of Connecting Art to the World will be fulfilled.

Founded in 2013 by three siblings, one brother in sales, another brother in business development, and a sister who is a professional artist. Pedestal's goal is to utilize web audience to help Artists and their Artwork reach a new and expanding audience.

Pedestal is a place to follow, applaud, and collect Artists and their Artwork. It is a way to connect to Artists around the World and experience their Art and discover Art Events. It is also a secure way to purchase unique Artworks and help support our selected Artists. The Artists receive a higher commission on all Pedestal Artwork sold, and it will now be easier to reach a global audience.

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Pedestal connects Art Collectors, Artists, and Galleries, so that Artworks and Art Events can be shared by all who are interested. Artists can consolidate their network to one place where they can announce new works, openings, shows, or news. Galleries can further their own marketing beyond their brick and mortar establishments and current mailing lists. Collectors of fine art can browse professional Artwork and Artists and make worthwhile connections before purchasing.

Pedestal was created out of a need for Artists to connect to their audience on a larger scale.Therefore, helping Artist with the business aspect of the Art World, and freeing them up to create more Art.

Pedestal was founded in early 2013 by a professional Artist, an educated Business Adviser, and an experienced Mortgage Consultant. All the founders of Pedestal share a love of Art, each in a different way. The founders are also related as brothers and a sister.

Pedestal's goal and mission is to Connect Art to the World.

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The way pedestal registration work

Three type of registration

  • Artist - who uploads artwork

Artist or gallery user need to upload their CV, and once admin review it and decide to allow the admin sends activation/invitation links to their email.

Facebook login – Collector type of user can register via their facebook account. System will retrieve their professional, educational, address, profile picture information from facebook account to mypedestal account.

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Profile Setup

Information to their profile

After login user can setup their profile. They can setup this information to their account:

  • Biography
  • Statement
  • Academic Info
  • Medium/Media
  • Address info
  • Profile Picture
  • Social Media Links – like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
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Users connection to the outer world

In the profile Artist and Gallery user has option to add any external links where they are connected. And these will be displayed in their dashboard. Anyone who visits their profile can see this.


Setup album and artwork

Artist or the Gallery users can create Album/Series to their profile and can do these things:

  • Upload artwork to Series/Album.
  • Setup artwork price, shipping cost, artwork information
  • Set Series/Album Cover image.
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Artwork and applauds

System has option to like any artwork in the artwork listing page. There is an option in each artwork page called Applauds. This way artwork can be popular in the system.



Local and international events

Artist/Gallery user can create new event to their profile and these can be listed in the public event page too. Event has there features:

  • Event Image
  • Event location with dynamic google map


How collector user can collect artwork

Though Collector user can’t upload artwork to their profile, but they can collect artwork to their profile. Also suitable collection album name can be done; any one from his/her connection can see the list of collection.

Followers, Following

Followers, Following

How people are connected

Any user can follow any user. Once someone add someone to their follow list then they can see these things:

  • Artwork they has uploaded
  • Event they has announced
  • Artwork they has applied
  • Artwork they has collected
  • Artwork which they has purchased.
Connection Stream

Connection Stream

How pedestal user can see other people's activity

Any user can see list of updates from their connection. These are:

  • if an artwork has been uploaded
  • if an artwork has been applauded
  • if an event has been announced

Client Testimonial

I know our site and the process is ongoing, but thank you for all you both have done to get us to this point. We still have far to go, but I feel confident that with our partnership anything is possible.

It has been excellent to work with professionals like Sourav and his team. The work is not only great and appealing, but his team has contributed ideas that I know will help our site stand out.

From the beginning we have felt in good hands, from creativity to the actual development, the process is and has been outstanding. I will absolutely recommend CyberSWIFT to anyone I have the chance to.

CyberSWIFT feels like a family and working with them is like being brought into that family. I know they will do everything possible to help us succeed.

Sourav is my project manager, and he is always ready to meet to help me. And I know his team members, Pratik and Maumita are always on top of any crazy request that I may make. Really terrific work.

I am truly grateful that we are working together.


Ben Moon - President - Pedestal, LLC