Development of a Health Management System


The client, West Bengal State Health Department, required to spatially view the regions in the state that have been affected by health issues. So, they required the preparation of a spatial database of different administrative layers of West Bengal. These layers include State, District, Block, Municipality, Ward, Gram Panchayat, Mouza etc. Along with this, the client had a requirement for the mapping of existing health infrastructure of the state. They also needed to map the diseases that are affecting the health conditions of the people. We provided GIS skill support to the Ministry of Health, Government of West Bengal. We developed a general base map representing the health infrastructure of the State. The developed map highlights the diseases that are affecting the health of the people in recent time. Information about the disease was provided by the client. This visual presentation in turn helped the client to take necessary measures to prevent further damage to the health of the people.

Objectives of the Project

The objective of the project was to equip health officials with the means to view the distribution of health issues and health infrastructure of West Bengal on a map. The goal was to plan and implement protective measures for curbing the spread of the diseases.

Health development system - GIS

Key Features of the Project

  • Preparation and maintenance of spatial database of different administrative boundaries of West Bengal. In order to prepare this database, the actual data were collected from district offices beforehand.
  • Attachment of census database with different administrative hierarchy for preparing health plans.
  • Mapping of existing health infrastructure like hospitals, health centers, health sub-centers and many more.
  • Thematic mapping was carried out to show the health scenario of the state. The theme (based on which the map has been prepared) was mentioned by the client beforehand.

This theme usually includes spreading trends of diseases that are affecting livelihood in recent times. Thematic maps were also prepared based on the comparison statistics of historical and current health scenario of the state.

Final Deliverable

The final output provided a visual representation of the health status of the entire state to the government. For instance, if the state’s health status gets affected by diseases like malaria, our solution would provide a visual image of the majorly affected regions in a mapped format. These maps were prepared based on the health-related statistical inputs from the government departments.