Our experienced team conducts extensive surveys to collect land-related spatial and attribute data. This data is used for the preparation of maps for land management. Survey and mapping of land features help in developing a concrete decision-support system for land owners. The unique visualization benefit offered by updated GIS-based maps facilitate efficient land management.


We use advanced DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System) instruments and total station to capture accurate spatial data of the land features. Additionally, surveys are also conducted for GCP (Ground Control Point) collection and ground truthing of the features identified on the maps. This is followed by asset painting. Digital land survey data collected include both, attribute and non-attribute data, to be integrated into the GIS-based software developed by our team. Extensive surveys contribute to the creation of data layers to be integrated into the base maps for visualization.

Digital Land survey data with DGPS instrumentsSurvey
  • Cadastral Survey: The purpose of cadastral survey is demarcating the boundaries of the parcels of land. Our developers create thematic, color-coded parcel maps to help determine the accurate size of the land.
  • Topographical Survey: This involves noting the details regarding the natural as well as man-made features of the land. These features include waterbodies, trees, buildings, hills etc. This shows the initial condition of the land before improvements are made.
  • Door-to-door Survey: Our team of surveyors visits households to note down the ownership details of the properties and other attribute details to be integrated into the GIS maps prepared.

CyberSWIFT utilizes customized mobile applications for the purpose of data entry and deploys these to our trained surveyors to acquire detailed information about the land features. We ensure that the data collected is flawless.


We specialize in preparing various kinds of maps which include land use maps, base maps, parcel maps etc. based on available information and the details collected through surveys. Our map preparation process comprises multiple steps:

land use-base map and parcel map preparation Map Preparation
  • We procure toposheets, cadastral maps and other existing hardcopy maps of the area of interest from governing authorities.
  • The scanned maps are superimposed over high-resolution satellite imagery for the extraction of relevant land-based information.
  • Extensive field surveys are conducted to validate this information.
  • This is followed by georeferencing of the maps through the collection of Ground Control Points (GCPs).
  • The base maps thus created are further enhanced through the integration of field survey output. This yields multiple map layers indicating utilities and other assets.

Land use mapping has several purposes. These include visualization of land features, extraction of specific data, identification of encroachment etc.


We go the extra step of getting the maps prepared and survey data collected by us authenticated by our clients to ensure that accuracy is maintained throughout. Every survey is followed by data verification. In addition to survey data, the base maps prepared are also sent to clients for verification. Base map preparation of the area of interest requires georeferencing through the collection of Ground Control Points (GCPs). These GCPs are sent for final verification to the clients. Based on this, we georeference the base maps. Accuracy is a priority in our work. We utilize advanced tools and our expertise to ensure error-free data accumulation and map preparation. This facilitates the creation of a foolproof database for land and asset management.

verification and authentication of Land record dataVerification & Authentication of data