Property Survey of Shillong Municipality

The government launches The North Eastern Region Capital Cities Development Investment Program (NERCCDIP) to bring urban development in North Eastern Region (NER) like Agartala, Aizwal, Gangtok, Kohima, and Shillong. The government of Meghalaya also formed the State Investment Project Management and Implementation Unit especially in Shillong to initiate the project.
One of the primary reasons for SIMPU to implement such a project is to carry out a survey of property tax for 27 wards in Shillong Municipal Board (SMB). For this Geographical Information System (GIS) would act as a facilitator. In this regard they wanted CyberSWIFT to carry out the survey of properties for assessing the property tax in Shillong.

Scope & Objectives For TAX-GIS Are

  • Developing multiple layers with administrative boundaries, important location, holdings, buildings, and lots more on the Map.
  • Synchronization of GIS map data with TAX details.
  • Showing up-to-date TAX status on Map with the different color themes.
  • Statistical analysis on Spatial/Map features.
  • Able to create multiple reports based on mapping analysis.

About The Project

The project scope of work is to provide GIS consulting and support services to carry out the survey of properties for assessing the property tax in Shillong.

Implementation Methodology

Conducting DGPS survey with spatial and non-spatial data preparation.

  • Spatial data to be displayed on the map.
  • Property TAX data preparation.
  • Identify TAX collection.
base map preparation using satellite images

Field Survey and Mapping

Our GIS team carried out field survey and mapping services which includes updating the base map according to the satellite images we needs to map down locations. Listed downs are worked carried out.

  • Base map preparation from Satellite Image.
  • Digitizing built-up area or plinth area of the building as polygon from Satellite Image.
  • Collecting and developing attribute data from survey :
    • Holding Number
    • Owner’s Name
    • Type of Construction (Assam/RCC Type)
    • Location by type of Road – Main Road/Other Road/Footpath – even further minor classification
    • Usage (Residential/Commercial/Institutional/Industrial)
    • Area of Rented/ Self Occupied Portions (Sqm)
    • Estimated Quarterly Current Tax Liability
    • ARV
    • Proposed New Tax (Total liability)
    • Tax Break-up (House | Sanitation | Water | Lighting)
    • Creation of digital map of complete building information (spatial and non-spatial data)
remote sensing image of the domestic area showing in desktop dashboard


This category includes the following services:

  • Spatial and non-spatial database for buildings of the project area as a layer (OGC standard, SHP, MIF)
  • Spatial and non-spatial database for a built-up area of the project area as a layer (OGC standard, SHP, MIF).
  • Spatial and non-spatial database for holding Boundaries of the project area as a layer (OGC standard, SHP, MIF)
  • All the deliverables were computerized outputs with two (2) copies of each deliverable in both soft (CD/DVD) and ward wise hard copy (A1 paper size)
  • Training to departmental Personnel on GIS, GPS/DGPS handling, surveying and map editing tool.

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