Infrastructure Mapping of Kolkata Using GIS Technology

About the project

The complexity of urban development demands appropriate planning at the macro and micro levels. Traditional methods are inadequate to accommodate the dynamic nature of the urban environment. This necessitates the integration of GIS and remote sensing with urban planning and management. Municipalities are taking up e-Governance initiatives to improve transparency, efficiency and accountability in their functioning and to enhance the quality of services they offer to the citizens. Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is one of them. It is the third largest municipal corporation in India covering an area of 201 sq. km. Kolkata Environment Improvement Investment Program, abbreviated KEIIP, has been launched by KMC to achieve the goal of e-administration of municipalities. The requirement of this project is mapping the infrastructure details of the city of Kolkata using geospatial technology (GIS, Remote Sensing and Ground Survey) for informed decision-making. This project is being funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Objectives of the Project

  • Formation of a decision support system integrated with geospatial data that can graphically convey the entire information about the KMC infrastructure
  • Development of a common base map with complete infrastructure details of Kolkata Municipal Corporation that would be used by all departments within the Urban Local Bodies (ULB)
  • Creating a substitute to the traditional hard copy maps
  • Establishment of a strong visual link between the location of a property (building or plot) on the GIS base map and its corresponding tax data to provide a spatial dimension to the tax records through property mapping
  • Development of an upgraded property tax database which would ultimately update the demand collection registers of property tax, resulting in improved revenue collection.
  • Detailed Mapping of Infrastructure and Utility Assets with Engineering Drawing/ Single Line Diagram (SLD)/ Engineering Specifications.
  • Optimization of the drinking water network by mapping and metering water supply
  • Optimization of sewerage system
  • SCADA implementation for effective monitoring of utilities
Basemap Preparation for Infrastructure Mapping

Solutions Offered by CyberSWIFT

CyberSWIFT has offered to implement the following solutions against the requirements of the clients:

  • Creation of a GIS-based spatial property database using WorldView-3 Image (0.31 m resolution) for the entire KMC jurisdiction, geo-rectification of the satellite image using the GCPs collected from DGPS survey.
  • Creation of base map on a scale of 1:1000 through the digitization of satellite imagery which will be supplemented with secondary ground survey to capture information on land use, occupants' details, condition of structure etc.
  • Extraction of Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and contour from high-resolution satellite imagery (stereo pair) using digital Photogrammetry technology.
  • Property Survey GIS database creation through interactive survey for every unit / property to gather information pertaining to respective property (more than 7.5 Lakhs assessee).
  • Detailed Mapping of Infrastructure and Utility Assets (Details of Water, Sewerage Drainage distribution networks) including transmission mains, distribution main, service line, valve chamber, scour valve, air valve, major pipe junctions and other related assets.
  • Development of an Informative and Interactive, organization-wide, web-based GIS system integrated with the survey database. This software will have a range of features for performing various actions.
Infrastructure Information System

Features of the Web-Enabled Integrated Infrastructure Information System

The features and capabilities of the WEIIIS to be developed will include the following:

  • Serving dynamic maps and data quickly over the web
  • Showing selected features on the map with attribute information
  • Fetching the combined data from different sources on a single map
  • Query panel to make spatial and attribute queries on the basis of which thematic and interactive maps are displayed
  • Access to GIS data using this app through standard web browsers
  • Customizable for linking and integrating with other business systems within the enterprise
  • Popularly-used GIS functionalities like map navigation - zoom-in, zoom-out, pan, previous map, next map, overview map, search etc.
  • Measuring distance between features on maps using the Measure Distance tool and calculating the area inside a polygon
  • Highlighting selected attribute and spatial features of a structure
  • Facility for Page Layout for printing maps
  • Creating User Groups to provide access to various map layers, searches, database, tools, commands and reports
Infrastructure mapping of Kolkata

CyberSWIFT Advantage

  • CyberSWIFT lays stress on quality, consistency and accuracy. Our internal monitoring and quality check mechanisms are based on systematic review of operations.
  • Our quality assurance team checks the quality of the data collected via sampling method.
  • We use DGPS receivers with high accuracy for the collection of GCPs to eliminate errors.
  • We use advanced tools for the generation of DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and ortho-image of the area of interest.
  • A customized Window-based mobile application (Smart Client Technology) will be used to collect data during the door-to-door surveys. This app enables surveyors to collect data with location coordinates, geo-tagged images of properties etc.

Final Deliverable

A comprehensive web-based GIS application is being developed that provides a single-point access to the spatial and non-spatial data of the infrastructure details of Kolkata for the environmental improvement program. Additionally, KMC staff will be trained on the various aspects of the project and the application to equip them with the skills to undertake similar work in the future.