Land Use Mapping for Urban Development


The governing body of Maheshtala municipality intended to prepare a detailed Land Use Register for urban development planning of the entire municipality area. The municipality authorities had a requirement to document detailed information related to the properties existing within each ward. Some of these details include the type of properties, their usage information, holding details of the properties, and whether the actual owner of the land as mentioned in the map exists or not.

Objectives of the Project

The client required a digitized version of the land utilization pattern of the Maheshtala municipality area with statistics and analysis reports for the developmental planning of the municipality.

base map preparation

Preparation of Initial Base Map

To prepare an initial level base map of the municipality, existing maps were collected from different departments. Maps with the ward boundaries were provided by the municipality.

The steps we followed are mentioned below:

  • We scanned all available ward boundary maps, other infrastructure maps and cadastral sheets provided to develop a fresh print layout of the collected maps.
  • Raster cleaning was implemented to remove the specks and noises on the maps.
  • To achieve a complete look and edit the flawed regions in the final layout, mosaicking and edge matching were carried out.
  • This map was geo-referenced using the Ground Control Points (GCPs) collected by DGPS survey and the cleaned images were imported into the GIS software.
  • Vectorization was also carried out to extract maximum legible features with relevant information from the raster images.
Baseline Survey

Detailed Baseline Survey

Based on the prepared initial base map, a baseline survey was conducted. The purpose of the ward-wise survey was to find out detailed information about the existing natural as well as man-made features including roads, water supply network, drainage network system, sewerage network system, electricity network, railway and stations, river and other water bodies, existence of health and educational institutes, percentage of agricultural land, market areas etc.

Demographic Survey - maheshtala municipality

Demographic Survey

Our surveyors conducted door-to-door, ward-wise field surveys to gather information about the holding details of the property within each ward. The information collected include the details of the person holding the land, the type of land, whether the land as mentioned on the map actually exists or not, whether any residential land is being used for commercial purpose and vice versa and so on.

The primary purpose of the demographic survey was to analyze the socio-economical status of the municipality at that time for the prioritization of necessary developmental activities.

property tax management

Integration of Property Tax Management System With GIS

We provided necessary solutions to interlink the existing Property Tax calculation system of the Municipality with the newly-developed GIS tools.

thematic mapping and data analysis

Thematic Mapping and Data Analysis

Based on different aspects of the municipal services, various thematic maps were prepared by combining the outcome of the demographic survey. Statistical reports with visual interpretation (charts, graphs, theme maps etc.) were prepared which were used as the tools for developmental planning.

Final Deliverable

As a final product, we delivered complete GIS-based maps indicating the properties, drainage, sewage and electricity networks, water bodies etc. of the Maheshtala municipality to enable the authorities to make well-informed decisions about the developmental planning.