CSR Analytics Tool for Pearl Petroleum


Pearl Petroleum was founded in 2009 as the company assigned with the interests of its joint operators Dana Gas and Crescent Petroleum. Crescent Petroleum in association with Dana Gas have implemented several corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs to support the local communities and to improve their standard of living, health, well-being, security, and stability. This program was also implemented for development of human capital in the Kurdistan Region. Implementation of CSR programmes in regions like Kurdistan had its own challenges given the geographic and socio-political scenarios. Crescent Petroleum was looking for a flexible and an exhaustive solution which would allow them to capture data from the field during the implementation phase of the CSR projects. The data collected would allow them to create geographical analytical models and provide robust dashboards for their management assisting in effective monitoring and decision making. CyberSWIFT has been instrumental in developing a GIS & MIS based Application to manage and monitor the various CSR initiatives of Crescent Petroleum and Dana Gas in the region.

CyberSWIFT has developed a customised solution which is both flexible and exhaustive to cater to the needs of Pearl Petroleum. The highlights of the applications are

  • Customized dashboard with Analytics and Heat Maps to assess the undertaken CSR activities.
  • Proposal review and approval track for faster processing.
  • Project Management for macro to micro level analysis of financial and operational implications.
  • NGO due diligence procedure and management of Partner organisations.
  • Monitoring of stakeholders and beneficiaries to understand the reach out.

It is a one stop solution assisting in the whole cycle from need assessment, execution to impact assessment.

To learn more about this project and detailed specifications of the software along with activities performed by CyberSWIFT, download detailed case study .

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