Bing and Google Maps

When it comes to Bing and Google maps based development, we, at CyberSWIFT are experts at it. We have done a number of web GIS projects by integrating the application with either Google Maps or Bing Maps.

Development Using Bing Maps

We expertise in integrating Bing Maps with our web gis projects and make use of the following Bing Map based APIs for creating our web GIS applications.

  • Bing Maps for Windows Store apps
  • Bing Maps AJAX Control, Version 7.0
  • Bing Maps AJAX Control, Version 6.3
  • Bing Maps iOS Control
  • Bing Maps Silverlight Control
  • Bing Maps Silverlight Control for Windows Phone
  • Bing Maps SOAP Services
  • Bing Maps REST Services
  • Bing Spatial Data Services
  • Bing Map App SDK Beta
  • Bing Maps WPF Control

Development Using Google Maps

We specialize in Web based GIS solutions and provide services for development of application using Google Maps, Google API, and integration of the same with Google Earth.

We make use of the following Google based API for creating web application on the internet.

  • Google Map API
  • Google Earth API
  • Google Search API

Projects Under Development Using Google Maps

India Pollution Map

India Pollution Map

Keeping the client’s requirement in mind, we prepared a website with an online map representing the pollution rate across the nation. The map also highlights the regions where major changes have taken place in the environment because of pollution. At the same time, this overall program would also help in identifying the necessary steps that needs to be taken to check the development of pollution related problems.

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Keeping the project scope in mind, our development team decided to prepare the entire application using Google Maps API, JQuery, Javascript, and .html. To ensure that the application provided a comprehensive data for on & off-street parking in urban areas worldwide; delivered superior detail, accuracy, and interactivity to help vehicle drivers find parking space we provided the following features.

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Web GIS Portal

Web GIS Portal

GIS base monitoring system

This web page provides the facility of plotting layers, theming on layers, searching of point layer. It has the facility of showing general info of point layer and showing form entry of that particular point on a particular time frame.

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Mobile Live Tracking System

Mobile Live Tracking System

Mobile & Web GIS Tracking Solution

The scope of the project is to create a GIS based application for the Election Commission. With the help of the application, the administration wanted to monitor the polling procedure taking place in different polling booths belonging to the Assembly Constituencies. The sector officers, require this application to check the polling booths that comes under his jurisdiction during election procedure.

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