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CSR Monitoring System - SRF Foundation

Transforming CSR Monitoring System: A cost-effective, user-friendly app for real-time monitoring, adaptive decision-making, and empowering rural education and vocational skills.
srf foundation csr monitoring system dashboard

Client & Project Introduction

The SRF Foundation,formerly known as the "Society for Education and Welfare" was set up in 1982 as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of SRF Ltd., a leading multi-business entity engaged in textiles, chemicals, packaging films, and engineering plastics. The Foundation builds on the heritage of its founders, the Late Sir Shri Ram and Late Dr. Bharat Ram, who both believed in contributing to society mainly through education.

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Client Requirements & Challenges

SRF Foundation desired to develop a "Web & Android Mobile Application for Rural Education Project and Vocational Skill Program" to define Monitoring & Evaluation Framework, which is cost-effective, user-friendly and functional, used on a PC, tablet/smartphone and which response to the needs for improved CSR project component planning, implementation and management. The objective is to help track and manage CSR project activities on a real-time basis in a manner that provides the rigid information to the correct set of people at the right time to enable adaptive CSR project monitoring and decision support system. In addition, the application would also support collecting information on different CSR project location indicators, beneficiary reach - done through output reports/queries and dynamic dashboard and provision track daily updates from the project team.

Our Solution

A centralized solution to host their data of Rural Education Project, Vocational Skill Program as well as Digital bus Program. We implemented the CSR Monitoring System & Evaluation Framework of the ERP & VSP with data collection format, indicator-based report/query, and key indicators for the development of an interactive dashboard under the Web & Android Mobile application.

csr monitoring system dashboard, with map and data analysis
data chart on mobile  and desktop view for csr monitoring system

Project Outcomes & Results
  • Dynamic & interactive dashboard, Report/Query, and data entry format to capture various activities related data including GIS interface to visualize as information on map view.
  • Monthly data capture of different activities under four thematic through the development of web & mobile applications according to the defined data entry format.
  • Dynamic report creation as Predefined Report, Detailed Report, etc.
  • Unique menu-driven Mobile application (Android and iOS) with enhanced dashboard utilities, SMS alert system, and program management system to work more systematically way.
  • Map with customized data & captured GPS location with Geotagged photos and videos.
  • CSR Project Monitoring with Workflow Management and Compliance Documentation.

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